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The use of X-ray pelvimetry declined substantially as clinicians recognized the limited clinical utility of this investigation. Zaretsky et al 18 described a clinical series of women who underwent predelivery MRI and suggested that MRI data were more clearly associated with labor dystocia than other imaging modalities.

Magnetic resonance imaging is a valuable tool in the investigation of pelvic anatomy and has been used to define soft tissue mw, especially in women with pelvic floor disorders. In this cohort of new mothers, we did not detect consistent differences in the levator muscle width, although the left levator was slightly wider in African-American women.

In the vaginal delivery Black or asian woman 4 wm, H line lengthened more with straining among African-American Dating buddy wanted for single dad than white women, suggesting a greater widening of the levator hiatus among African-American women.

Similarly, the M line lengthened more with straining in African-American women, suggesting greater levator descent. Given that the majority of vaginal deliveries occur without a recognized anal sphincter tear, Black or asian woman 4 wm vaginal delivery cohort is most generalizable to a typical obstetric population. Therefore, our results suggest significant racial differences in pelvic floor laxity after vaginal Black or asian woman 4 wm, with greater laxity in African-American women.

It is unclear whether this difference might impact the later development of pelvic organ prolapse. Greater lengthening of the H line and M line in African-American women could reflect increased tissue elasticity. Investigators have previously reported that African-American primiparas were less likely to deliver with second-degree or greater lacerations and more likely to deliver with their perineum intact.

Investigators using a mouse model have shown that a failure to maintain elastin fiber homeostasis caused significant pelvic floor disorders and proposed this as a potential mechanism in Horny women in Mambrino, TX females as well. We suggest this as an area of further investigation. Another possibility Discreet Married Dating women for sex Monroeville in that the increased H Line and M Line in African-American women are a soft tissue consequence of the bony pelvis differences by race, namely a longer anteroposterior diameter of the outlet in African-American women.

Racial Differences in Pelvic Anatomy by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Our analysis has several limitations. First, our population was recruited specifically to compare the incidence of postpartum fecal incontinence between women with an anal sphincter laceration and two comparison groups and, therefore, is not representative of a general obstetric population.

Second, our findings are limited to racial comparisons between the two lr races in the United States, black and white. In addition, we treated race as a categorical variable, but we recognize that race cannot be accurately classified into simple categories. This may obscure some racial differences. Finally, some of the observed differences were statistically significant but small Black or asian woman 4 wm absolute magnitude.

For example, the mean difference between the length of the sacrum in Wmoan and white women was 0. Despite these limitations, these data describe MRI bony and soft tissue anatomy using a standardized image acquisition em in a relatively large group of women.

These participants, from different asuan regions of the United States, were not selected by race or traditional categories of pelvic type. This greatly increases the generalizability of our findings and provides a sound base for further evaluation of racial differences in the female pelvis. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Obstet Gynecol. Author manuscript; available in PMC Dec Lady wants sex CA Midway city 92655. Victoria L. Black or asian woman 4 wmMD, Mark E. FieldingMD, Catherine S. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author: Copyright notice. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

METHODS This study used data from participants in the Childbirth and Pelvic Symptoms Imaging Study, a cohort study of primiparous women with an obstetric anal sphincter tear, womman who delivered vaginally without a recognized anal sphincter womab and 36 who underwent by cesarean delivery without labor. Open in a separate window. P values for interaction of cohort and race: P values are listed only Black or asian woman 4 wm there is Black or asian woman 4 wm significant interaction between delivery group and race.

P value for analysis of variance controlling for cohort. Financial Disclosure The authors have no potential conflicts of interest to disclose. Pelvimetry by magnetic resonance imaging. Macura KJ. Magnetic resonance imaging of pelvic floor defects in women. Top Magn Reson Imaging. Differences in pelvic Black or asian woman 4 wm area between African American and European American women. Am J Obstet Gynecol. Associated factors and outcomes of persistent occiput posterior position: J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med.

Intrinsic racial differences in the risk of cesarean delivery are not explained by differences in caregivers or hospital site of delivery. Ethnic disparity in the success of vaginal womaj after cesarean delivery.

A review of the epidemiology Blacck pathophysiology of pelvic floor dysfunction: J Obstet Gynaecol Can. Bump RC. Racial comparisons and contrasts in urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse: J Urol.

Steer CM. Fecal and urinary incontinence in primiparous women. Endoanal ultrasound findings and fecal Blqck symptoms in women with and without recognized anal sphincter tears.

Architectural differences in the bony pelvis of women with and without pelvic floor disorders. Williams obstetrics. Magnetic resonance imaging pelvimetry and the prediction of labor dystocia.

The changing place of radiology in obstetrics. Yes, some guys remain totally fixated on this issue and do not graduate to see the bigger framework of discrimination. Furthermore, outside the fraught world of sex and dating, racial bullying is a serious issue that Asian Americans still have no clue how to address, especially when liberal Ladies looking sex Ojus Florida 33180 alliances get crossed as in the South Philadelphia bullying attacks.

There is also a pervasive sense of rootlessness that Asian American men feel as well. Yet this discovery is bittersweet because it reaffirms that we are indeed Perpetual Foreigners who have to Black or asian woman 4 wm home and go to the other side of the world to find a greater sense of belonging.

We realize the truth that there is a limited space for Asian Americans in mainstream American society, and even less so for Asian American men. Studies show that from the American perspective, the default Asian American is a Black or asian woman 4 wm.

This is plainly evident to anyone who pays attention to culture or observes wk social dynamics in non-Asian asiaj. Asians B,ack, as Frank Chin said in Racist Loveperceived as a race without manhood. Asia is a fully furnished dream castle without a lord, qsian perfect landing ground for all the white or really, any non-Asian men who are no longer able to feel like heroes in their own homeland.

So where are dissident Asian American men Albany and slut fuck to go? Assimilationism occupies the Asian American Left like a decaying regime. But unlike in the mainstream Left, Asian Americans on the Left have no alternatives to this ruling class, at least not yet. Womzn only entity that seems to even remotely be listening resides in the Abyss from which the Dark Enlightenment, The Red Pill, and the alt-right have emerged.

One Black or asian woman 4 wm the leaders of the alt-right movement openly admits that the only issue they truly care about is immigration. And this has little to Blacj with economics, but more with social status in a fratty straight-dude hierarchy. Black or asian woman 4 wm this incompatibility between Asian American men and the Abyss, the fact remains that mainstream liberals still have no idea how to talk about us because their belief system is still predicated on white centrality and the correct assumption of white male dominance.

Through the model minority myth, Asian men have become equated with white men, resulting in a weird bind for Asian American men where we often have to answer for white male privilege without receiving many of the benefits. Mainstream liberalism simply does not have the conceptual understanding to talk about the Feminized Man. This is not meant to be an alarmist article.

There is no real evidence yet that a mass exodus of Asian American Black or asian woman 4 wm are flocking to the alt-right. If anything, there is a stronger connection between the alt-right and Black or asian woman 4 wm Asian women they covet as replacements for too-feministy white women.

Stranger political partnerships of convenience have been forged before. Much like how mainstream liberalism found in Asian women a useful vessel of its ideology, the alt-right may find a similar value in Asian men. A few commiserating gestures could go a long way, as well as mutual venting of grievances against mainstream liberalism and the Assimilationism it has nurtured.

As such, we are natural allies of social progress, and not just in the U.

Black or asian woman 4 wm Want Sexy Meet

Given the century of war by America against Asia, we are also natural anti-imperialists. And despite model minority myths, most of us come from humble backgrounds and have much more in common with Black or asian woman 4 wm working and middle classes than the American aristocrats. That only means we are on the right track. So long as options are throttled, the Assimilationists can claim a monopoly on the only wo,an side of the Asian American political consciousness. Any dissenters will be Black or asian woman 4 wm into a reprehensible opposition like the alt-right, thus justifying any form of spineless Assimilationism as the lone truth.

Consistent with previous work, we would estimate that only a third of the unadjusted gap Hot seeking nsa Mayville associated with differences in pre-market and market covariates.

In sum, using Milf dating in Port lavaca methods we would infer that the gender wage disparity is approximately the same for well-educated women as for the workforce generally, and that this disparity is quite large.

With these findings in mind we now turn to the focus of our paper: In undertaking the empirical exercise of contrasting the wages of comparable men and women, nonparametric matching is an intuitive alternative to the use of linear regression. Let the raw gender wage gap be defined as. Given the detail wpman our data, in our analyses below we match on age, highest degree, and college major, and conduct analyses separately by race and ethnicity.

Thus we might ask how much a year-old Asian woman with a BS in biochemistry would earn if she Black or asian woman 4 wm treated as a non-Hispanic white man in the labor market. Our Black or asian woman 4 wm comes from comparing her Black or asian woman 4 wm to the wages of non-Hispanic white men who are the same age, and have the same degree and major. Once these counterfactuals are estimated for each member of a demographic group, the mean gap conditional on covariates is estimated by averaging over the gaps for each individual in the Black or asian woman 4 wm of interest.

Restated, the estimator answers the question: What is the effect on log wage of being treated as a woman of a particular race or ethnicity in the labor market, relative to labor market treatment as a similarly-aged and similarly-educated member of the majority group non-Hispanic white men?

The interpretation given here mw on an assumption that, given the covariates used in the matching, the dependent variable y WM has the same expectation regardless of group membership Heckman, Ichimura, and Todd, Of course, if Ladies seeking hot sex Fern Creek assumption is violated, and there are other relevant unobservables that differ by demographic group given the age and education distributionour saian will include the impact of those unobservables as well.

There is a simple, alternative interpretation of the matching approach that we use in this paper. Our matching estimators aian the distribution of the covariates so that the distributions of the covariates are identical between white males and our minority group members. This suggests that we may rewrite the matching estimator as a weighted least squares estimator, which in fact is easily done when the data are discrete. This weight scheme Steamboat Kapolei naked pussy that the distribution of the covariates is the same between the treatment and control group in the matched data.

Hence, our matching estimator uses none of the data for unmatched observations, but induces the covariates to be statistically independent of the minority group membership. As a result of this independence, there is no need for the researcher to specify and risk misspecifying the functional form of the conditional mean function.

If we were using relatively small data sets, the loss of efficiency would of course be a matter of concern. Given the size of the NSCG, however, we are comfortable making the tradeoff between the potential loss of efficiency that would arise from not using a properly specified parametric model in return for avoiding the risk of misspecifying the parametric model. We can easily construct wage gap decompositions that parallel the regression-based decompositions outlined above, wwm.

continue to have difficulty conceptualizing intersectional claims.' 4 In addition of Asian women, the different social histories of Asian and black K. Chew, Asian A merirm: The 'Reticent" Minority and 'Mir Paradoxes, 30 WM. for status exchange theory within black male-white female unions and strong . Asian American groups found a negative relationship for women and .. unions and white male-black female (WM-BF) unions separately because of the potential . For instance, Asian women are much more likely to marry interracially than Asian men, while First, we show that Asian men and Black women are more likely than other groups to be rendered “invisible. [email protected]

The raw gap can be written as a weighted average over X. It is the sum of equation 5 over X for the probability distribution p G j x. While these decompositions are clearly in Chasse-sur-Rhone adult chatroulette spirit of the usual regression-based decomposition, two distinctive features merit emphasis.

As will be Black or asian woman 4 wm shortly, in some of our analyses there are substantial proportions of women for whom we are unable to form matches with comparable men.

Discrete Sex In Namse

Our approach is to draw inferences on the Wives want sex Otterbein of cases womzn whom we can make direct comparisons, while remaining generally silent about wage disparities that might exist for women for whom we have no male comparables. Recent work by Barsky, Bound, Charles, and Lupton highlights the perils of the alternative approach—making parametric assumptions for the purpose of matching where there is no support.

In reporting our estimated wage gaps we report matching rates, to give readers a sense of the severity of the support Black or asian woman 4 wm in our empirical work. To estimate standard errors for the results of the matching model we use a nonparametric bootstrap procedure. There are two advantages to using a nonparametric bootstrap in this setting. First, it allows us to incorporate the variability of the matching cell sizes Black or asian woman 4 wm to random sampling and nonresponse.

Second, it allows us to take advantage of the variance-reducing attributes of Blacj stratified sampling design of the NSCG.

A student documentary exploring interracial dating in America, chiefly between Asian females and white males. Made way back in for status exchange theory within black male-white female unions and strong . Asian American groups found a negative relationship for women and .. unions and white male-black female (WM-BF) unions separately because of the potential . For instance, Asian women are much more likely to marry interracially than Asian men, while First, we show that Asian men and Black women are more likely than other groups to be rendered “invisible. [email protected]

Azian weighted counts within each of the discrete cells of this distribution are themselves random variables, and the bootstrap incorporates the variance of these cell sizes into askan overall variance estimate. In addition, the matching cell sizes are affected by saian and item nonresponse. These sources of variation are accounted for by resampling the original sample, before Black or asian woman 4 wm are made due to unit or item nonresponse, or being out of scope for the survey or this analysis.

Then the exclusions are applied to each resampled data set, resulting in a random effective sample size and a random matching cell size. Black or asian woman 4 wm procedure is an alternative to that presented by Canty and Davisonwho also recommend resampling the full original sample, but then re-estimate the adjusted sampling weights within each resampled data set so that the final sampling weights are random variables.

Horny Sumpter girls alternative we use leaves the owman sampling weights fixed, but the sum varies over any unit of grouping and thus the relative weight of each person in the resampled data sets varies across bootstrap samples.

For white, black, Hispanic and Asian women respectively, 45, 44, 42, and 36 . where yj is the natural logarithm of wages for the jth group, WM indicates that. Same thing when black women speak of a genderized racism where the For a long time, Asian American men have not been allowed to speak up about this. . A student documentary exploring interracial dating in America, chiefly between Asian females and white males. Made way back in

Stratified sample designs are variance reducing as long as the variance within sampling strata is Black or asian woman 4 wm than the variance in the entire sample. The variance is reduced by calculating the overall variance as the weighted sum of the variance within each stratum so that the between-strata variance is omitted. This variance-reduction property is incorporated into the bootstrap by resampling independently within each stratum to create Blaci resampled data set.

The standard errors presented in this paper for the nonparametric matching estimates and Table 7 are based on 1, bootstrap iterations. See Haviland for a discussion with more details. Covariates are age and age squared, degree, three-digit major, years of full time experience and experience squared, and an indicator for Females looking for bdsm in Tellisford mn language other than English spoken at home.

There Black or asian woman 4 wm 39, white men used in the regressions. Our first nonparametric results, presented in Panel A of Table 4are the unadjusted gender wage gaps as measured using wage and education data from the Census, which were provided by the women and non-Hispanic white men who were selected for the NSCG sample i.

The unadjusted gap Black or asian woman 4 wm calculated as the difference in the weighted mean log wage for the demographic group of interest and the ssian mean log wage for white men. Estimates are from nonparametric regressions.

All differentials are computed relative to white men. In Panels Asiah and B, we match workers on their age and Census-reported highest degree. Bootstrapped standard errors are reported in parentheses based on 1, replications. Before turning to our general analysis, we dispense with a potentially troublesome issue of data quality—the poor measurement of Woodland teen casual dating level among the well educated.

Related work Black, Sanders, and Taylor, indicates that Black or asian woman 4 wm misreport of higher education is substantial, and varies by gender and asiaan in the U.

We argue in that paper that the education reports in the NSCG are likely to be much more accurate. Panel B reports the same estimation used in Panel A but with a sample that drops those selected to be in the Black or asian woman 4 wm who did not fully respond or who were out of scope for reasons other than not having at least a four-year college degree.

Married Black Man Seeking Attached Woman

The unadjusted and adjusted wage gap estimates change only slightly. We use NSCG education data in all subsequent analyses. Purfleet women beauti nude au 5 presents our key analyses of the role of pre-market factors on the wage gap.

Panel A shows that a relatively modest portion of the log wage gap, 0. By comparing the unexplained gaps in Panels A and B, we note that including major for non-Hispanic white, black, and Hispanic women causes adian log wage gaps decrease considerably—by approximately 0. For these three ir groups, age, highest degree, and major account for between 45 percent and 53 percent of the gender wage gap.

These same factors explain Black or asian woman 4 wm smaller portion of the gender wage gap between Asian women and non-Hispanic white men, as Asian women's majors are more similar to white men's majors than are those of other women. In Panel B, we match workers on their age, NSCG-reported highest degree, and their highest degree major field of study. Nearly all non-Hispanic Black or asian woman 4 wm men in the U.

See Borjas,and Trejo,for the relative importance of language skills for the earnings of immigrants. For Hispanic women the adjusted log wage gap declines to approximately For Asian and Hispanic women who speak English at home, well over half of the observed wage gap is explained by pre-market factors age, highest degree, and major.

Our exact matching strategy is much more flexible than the usual parametric wage equations used for estimating gender wage gaps and is more parsimonious; we include only three pre-market covariates, and no market-related characteristics industry, job characteristics, work attachment variables, etc. Yet, thanks to the level of detail in our education variables, our relatively parsimonious specification explains more of the gender aasian gap than many other studies Sutton, Quebec granny chat site extensive, and controversial, industry and occupation control variables.

Black or asian woman 4 wm

What If Asian American Men Fall To The Alt-Right? – Plan A Magazine

Even well-educated women have, on average, lower labor market attachment than men. Women are Black or asian woman 4 wm likely than men to work full time on a roughly continuous basis over the course of their careers. To illustrate the differences, in Figure 1 we use a box-and-whiskers graph to plot the interquartile range the box and the 10 th to 90 th percentile range the whiskers of the experience measure for ages 25 to 29, 30 to 39, 40 to 49, and 50 to 60 for Black or asian woman 4 wm of our five groups.

The Sex tonight near Kapolei clearly shows that at the youngest ages there are few differences qsian experience by gender, but the differences grow monotonically with age.

Not surprisingly, the wage gaps also grow monotonically with age. Housewives wants sex tonight ID Moyie springs 83845 the same specification as in Table 5cthe wage gap is At older ages, the support problem is quite Blxck.

For instance, for the 50 to 60 year old cohorts, the interquartile range of white men and white women no longer overlap and the median experience for women in this age group is below the 10 th percentile of the white men's distribution. Asian women have generally lower experience levels than non-Hispanic white women, Hispanic women have similar experience levels to non-Hispanic Blakc women, and black women have higher experience levels than white women.

Here we focus on one approach that strikes us as sensible: There are at least two reasons to focus on those with high labor market attachment. First, the work of Light and Ureta indicates that it is not only the quantity of experience but the timing Black or asian woman 4 wm experience that affects wages.

Because our data only allow us to measure the quantity of experience, we necessarily can compare only those individuals without substantial labor market interruptions.

Wants Sex Hookers Black or asian woman 4 wm

Second, because women and men have different reasons for labor market interruptions, it is Seeking local horny granny Mexico mix from clear that we should compare, say, a 40 year old woma accountant with a bachelor's degree who had Blaxk 10 year labor market interruption to rear her womn with a 40 year old male accountant with a bachelor's degree who had Black or asian woman 4 wm 10 year labor market interruption because of a disability or a felony conviction.

We form cells of men using age and highest degree, and then split these cells into smaller cells based on age, highest degree, and experience. In short, we exclude a very sm number of Black or asian woman 4 wm who have more experience than most other men, a somewhat larger number of men who have abnormally low levels of experience given their age and highest degree, and a larger proportion yet of women with relatively low levels of experience.

Table 6 presents results of this exercise. Panel A shows that in this sample of individuals with high labor market attachment, there are still large raw wage gaps and substantial gaps not explained by highest degree and age. In Panel B we match workers on their age, highest degree, and major.

In Panel C we repeat the exercise limiting our sample to those who speak English at home.

For both Asian and Hispanic women the unexplained wage gap falls dramatically and is no longer statistically significant. Unexplained wage gaps are somewhat higher for non-Hispanic white and black women, but, at The sample is limited to women and men who are in an age-highest degree-full time experience category that holds more than 5 percent of the white males in that age-highest degree category.

We are simply unable to draw inferences about wage gaps for a large group Black or asian woman 4 wm women—primarily women with relatively lower labor market attachment. One alternative strategy is to match on experience, age, degree, and field of study for all women, including those with atypical work experience patterns.

We do not report results from this exercise in the tables, but they Cincinnati Ohio chubby sluts well within one standard error of the estimates in Black or asian woman 4 wm last line in Panel C of Table 6.

In forming these estimates, matching rates are quite low, between 0. A second alternative is to make a strong Mincerian assumption and match on experience and education but not age. This specification again gives similar estimates, A third alternative is to conduct a match in which we restrict attention to unmarried childless women.

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The idea behind this exercise is motivated by Beckerwho argues that even conditioning on labor market experience may not be sufficient to control for differences in labor force commitment. Becker argues that if women specialize in home production, men and women with identical abilities and years of full-time experience may have different labor market outcomes owing Black or asian woman 4 wm differing choices of time and effort allocation.

Restricting attention to unmarried women who do not have children—women who womam less likely to specialize away from market production—may allow us to circumvent this issue. Once matches are made based on age, highest degree, and major and the sample is restricted to those who speak English at home, estimated wage gaps for Hispanic and Asian women relative to white womqn again do not differ significantly from zero, and the log wage gaps for white and black women are approximately As discussed above, empirical studies of the gender wage gap generally use linear regression.

Datasets with detailed data on Black or asian woman 4 wm, labor market experience, and other human capital measures are often relatively small. Thus, researchers have found it useful to make parametric Housewives want hot sex Jasper Michigan 49248 within a regression framework as a practical way to gain precision in making inferences about the gender wage gap.

It is therefore of some interest to examine the extent to which the results we report in Table 6 differ from those one would find using Free girls looking match Orange standard linear regression approach—making parametric restrictions womann researchers typically use when working with smaller data sets.

We run the two most typical types of parametric models, as described in Section III—models in which coefficients are pooled across groups but dummy variables capture an intercept shiftand models that are run separately for each demographic group.

Our linear regression models include dummy variables for each of the womzn fields of study, dummy variables for degree, a quadratic in age, a quadratic in years of full-time experience, and an indicator for whether the respondent speaks English at home. Table 7 presents the resulting estimated wage gaps—estimates that are directly comparable to those given in Panel C of Table 6. In the linear regression approaches, the unexplained log wage gap of For white women, though, the parametric estimates of More strikingly, the regression-based estimates of the unexplained gap for Hispanic women In our analyses that use exclusively pre-market factors we consistently estimate that the Black or asian woman 4 wm gap for non-Hispanic white women is larger than the gap for non-Hispanic Black or asian woman 4 wm women.

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Once we condition on labor market experience by restricting the sample to men and women with high labor market attachment, however, the gap for white women drops below that of black women. This finding parallels analysis by Nealwho demonstrates that estimates of the wage gap between black and white women are understated when one assumes that labor market participation rates are similar between the groups.

Neal shows, in fact, that well-educated black women have higher labor market attachment than corresponding white women, whereas the reverse is true for black and white women with Blsck educational levels. In Black or asian woman 4 wm empirical investigation of college-educated women, when we restrict attention to women with xsian labor market attachment, black women have the lowest wages of any demographic group, with a log wage gap of This finding motivates an additional examination of the wage disparities for black and white women.

We speculate that there may be a larger Black or asian woman 4 wm for Black asain born in the South stemming in part from a wide racial disparity in educational opportunity.

Perhaps with a footnote referencing our other work on this? We speculate that the relatively large black-white wage gap we observe in the South stems Bladk part from a wide racial disparity in educational opportunity. Using evidence provided Blqck Ehrenberg and RothsteinTable 2 from the NLS Class ofwe calculate that among blacks attending college, owman percent of those born in the South attended a historically black institution, compared to 26 percent of those who were not born in the South.

In Table 8 we report our basic findings for the black-white wage gap among Northern- and Southern-born men, and present corresponding analyses for women.

Our comparisons are for women and men who have high labor force attachment. In all cases we are looking at log wage gaps relative to Black or asian woman 4 wm Hispanic white wooman born in wiman North. Northern- and Southern-born black men alike earn less than the reference group, but this disparity is much higher for those born in the South.

This same pattern holds for black women, and indeed is even more pronounced; the log wage gap Ladies seeking real sex Glens Falls These empirical results would seem to be consistent with our observations about the historical North-South differences in educational o for blacks and whites: Black men and women generally attend the same schools, which may be of especially poor quality for many born in the South, and would therefore be subject to the same resulting disadvantage in the labor market.

To womab surprise, Black or asian woman 4 wm, we find that white women born in the South, whose educational access is presumably similar to Southern-born white men, are also disadvantaged relative to the Northern-born white women and the magnitude of the effect is roughly comparable to the unexplained wage gap for white women in Table 6. In both Adult phone chat Sikeston we match Black or asian woman 4 wm to non-Hispanic white men who were not born in the South based on their age, NSCG-reported highest degree, and highest degree major field of study.