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Below left: By the time a student be- comes a senior, he's learned to be inventive. Steve Tanaka, senior in aeronautical engineering, hides from the rain.

The summer of brought four productions that appealed to a wide variety of tastes and styles. The story re- volves around a clever old miser Vol- pone who pretends to be nxa death. With the help of his Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 friend, he plots to have his wealthy comrades compete for his inheritance after his death. Volpone, played by Raye Birk, and his parasite, Mosca, played by Alan Ruck, scheme to feign the fatal illness.

The plan Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 when Mosca learns that he too has been deceived. Birk, a member of the San Francisco American Conservatory Theatre, Conceptkon a visiting artist Houswives the production.

He also directed one of the summer plays, The Philadelphia Story. This play by Philip Barry is an example of fine American comedy. Karen Ross, junior in LAS, is a big fan of the classic mov- ie version.

It could have been funnier," Ross said.

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Another guest artist, Robert Falls, is a graduate of the University. The mood of this play contrasted sharply with the other summer productions. Its theme focused on innocence versus evil. As criminals invade the home of a blind girl, Frederick Knott's mes- sage is brutally unfolded.

Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 liked it for the plot Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433, not only for the actors and their charac- ters.

It was also scheduled in the fall at the Festival Theatre. While the plot was predict- able, it proved to be an enjoyable, light-hearted escape, quite appropri- ate for the summertime. Villain Looking 4 a friend woman Roat Jr. John, are at the Seth Lord house near Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Story takes place in June of Opposite bot- tom: Some houses returned to campus as early as Aug. This year was different because formal sorority rush, traditionally held during the first weeks of classes, took place dur- ing New Student Week.

It carried over only one Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 into the start of classes. The early rush schedule presented problems for the Panhellenic rush com- mittee chaired by Brenda Bailey. The pri- mary concern was with registration.

In past years, most girls would sign up for rush during New Student Week, en- abling Panhel to introduce and promote rush among the freshman girls.

Howev- er, because the early rush schedule meant a spring and summer registration, so- rorities were worried that high school girls, unfamiliar with rush and the Pan- hellenic system would not sign up. To combat this problem, a speakers bureau was designed to reach girls in high schools across the state who were plan- ning to attend the University in the fall. Their preparations paid off — 1, girls went through formal rush.

This Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 over greater than in As expected, the early, condensed rush schedule helped the system rather than hindered it. The early rush meant little interference with classes. This meant the elimination of academic problems and fewer rush drops attributed to the aca- demic work load. This year also saw the lowest number of mismatches ever. A mismatch is a mistake in the matching of computer cards to a house's bid list. It's the mis- matches that lead to many tears being shed during rush.

As usual, rush was divided into four stages. During the first stage, the ru- shees visited all 23 sorority houses par- ticipating in formal rush. After the first stage, the girls narrowed their choices from among the houses that returned bids invitations for the next session. Second, third, and fourth stages included longer parties, but fewer houses.

By fourth stage, the rushees had cut their choices from the original 23 houses to their three favorite houses, and they spent an Syracuse New York men looking for discreet sex at each house. After this last stage, they filled out their final pref- erence cards and returned home to wait for the results. The following day, rush counselors delivered Looking for giddy Essex Vermont bids to the anxious women.

On that night, pledges joined their en- thusiastic sisters for a night of pictures and parties. Although the new drinking age Girl next door typereal ad a traditional bid night at the bars, sorority members had no prob- lem keeping their new sisters enter- tained well into the night.

Who would guess they do this 23 times? Chi Omegas manage to stay spirited through it all. Opposite bottom right: Just so lonely at times bottom left: Kappa Alpha Thetas like Kelly O'Neal, sophomore in computer science, find that scrapbooks are a good way to show ru- shees what their house is like.

Adele Hen- drix, freshman in LAS, was one of 1, rushees who made their own distinctive name tags. Stein Popular in the past year, the movie "Fame" followed the careers of several fictitious students at a real-life perform- ing arts high school in New York.

Right here in Champaign-Urbana is a school very much like the one depicted in "Fame. It is located in downtown Champaign at 17 E. University Ave. The Academy, a non-profit organiza- tion, was unable to keep enough stu- dents to support the full program. Its last school year as an accredited high school was The N. The rest was supplied by both public and private sources, including the Illinios Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, corporate and philanthropic foundations, business and industry and generous individual contributions.

Enough of this patronage was lost to force the N. According to Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433. The Academy opened in Septemberthe product of six years of careful planning and programming. Originally intended for the Chicago metropolitan area, the location was changed to Cham- paign-Urbana in This was in order to utilize the advantages of proximity to and cooperation with a major university Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 an excellent international reputa- tion in music and other arts.

With the opening of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts inChampaign- Urbana became one of the most attrac- tive centers for training in the perform- ing arts. Gilbert G. Wright conceived the idea that led to the opening of the school.

Her guidance was in- strumental in the development of the N. Inthe N. Graduates of the N. Some mu- sic graduates now attend the most presti- gious schools, including Eastman, Jul- liard, Northwestern, and of course, the University of Illinois.

One Academy veteran, Dianne Wachsman, who finished inis now a junior in music performance at the University. She is principal cellist in the University Orchestra and also teaches cello at the N. Another alumna, University graduate student in dance Linda Graham, was in the original member class at N.

She is now a choreographer and performer in many University productions. She also teaches ballet at the University and the Acade- my. Wachsman and Graham say they real- ly enjoyed the rigorous training they re- ceived at the N.

They assert that the discipline they learned there is essential to professional success. No school is without troubles Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433, and the National Academy has had a few aside from the financial ones.

Several alumnae, who asked to remain nameless, believed that the location of the dormi- tories in the Daniel-Chalmers street neighborhood presented problems. Most felt that the girls who lived in the dorms were too young to handle the attention they inadvertently received from college students in the area. They thought that this could have been avoided by having dorms space farther from campus resi- dents. Not one of the graduates interviewed would have traded the experience for a regular high school.

None of the usual high school complaints applied to the N. Apparently the food was good and the training priceless. At present, serious students of music and ballet in Champaign-Urbana must make do with the shortened program the Academy now offers. However, the founders and directors of the National Academy of the Arts are confident that they will find interested patrons for the school.

Who knows where "fame" — and fortune — will appear? String players Sabina Alkire, 11, Hannah Alkire, 13 and Sophia Neely, 12, benefit from the instruction of' Academy veterans such as Dianne Wachsman, a junior and principal cellist in the University Or- Anybody in spring hill area tonight. The determination on the face of David Eccles, 16, reflects his ability and desire to maximize the benefits obtained from the rigorous training he receives at the N.

Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 Have you ever Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 who played those chimes at the top of Altgeld Hall every weekday at The answer to the question is Albert E.

He has been Chimesmaster here for 23 years. Each day he and his staff of chimesplayers perform two mini-con- certs for 10 minutes each. The music varies from "White Christ- mas" to the theme from "Star Wars. The largest bell weighs over one and a half tons, and is 5 feet in diameter.

The Altgeld bells have been a Univer- sity tradition sincewhen they were dedicated. Stein "You see, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 those guys didn't un- derstand was that there was an Eleventh Commandment. Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 all it said was: Rock 'n' roll courses are finally springing up in colleges and universities after an eight-oryear hiatus.

There used to be popular culture courses dur- ing the '60s campus unrest and rioting. There was practically nothing during the '70s. But now the interest has been un- capped again. In a lecture on Dylan, a girl Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 a punk rock haircut asks the name of Dy- lan's sixth album. Another student an- swers her question. Meanwhile, a man who appears to be about years-old is pacing the stage in front with a micro- phone around his neck, intermittently speaking and changing albums on the spindly record player.

Speaker and originator of the rock 'n' roll course is Lawrence Grossberg, assis- tant professor of speech communica- tions. Sporting jeans and shoulder- length curly hair, Beautiful adult looking flirt Bellevue Nebraska Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 look like your typical "professor.

Grossberg is serious about rock. He said he wanted to convey to students that it made a difference that they listened to rock and that they should think about and be critical of it.

Indeed, students are informed of his Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 about the subject on the first day of class. Grossberg writes on the front page of the syllabus, "I intend to treat this subject seriously and to de- mand a fairly large amount of work from you. If you are looking for an easy course, do not be misled by the subject matter. The course focuses on rock 'n' roll in American culture. It isn't a history of rock, but "in Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 to understand music, you have to place it back into a historical context," Grossberg said.

He puts for- ward several main arguments through- out the course. He argues that rock 'n' roll belongs to "generations which see themselves as unique and as facing a se- ries of unique crises. Grossberg starts with the rock 'n' roll i explosion in the '50s, goes to rock 'n' roll making Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 big, and discusses the matura- tion of rock in the '60s from the British Invasion to the American Response. He depicts the fragmentation of rock in the '70s, and discusses various current rock 'n' roll trends, including New Wave.

The rather hefty reading list that ac- companies the course, to the dismay of some students, includes: He doesn't require them, but rath- er, recommends them to students. Some films include: Student reaction has been varied. A few students have dropped the course because it isn't "just listening to music. It was a so- cial force," one student said. Another said he used to have a "Happy Days per- spective" about the '50s until he entered the class.

Marine City MI Bi Horny Wives

The course has made me branch out. The course "sheds a new light on literature," she said. Several students agreed that the course hadn't changed their feelings about rock or particular performers, but it had made things clearer.

Housewives Wants Sex Tonight Sioux Center

It's in- creased my awareness of why I like it," one student said. The course provides "helpful hints about rock," he added. Grossberg is still working on the course, trying to improve it for students.

Two things affect the teaching of a rock course. He said that students feel they are experts about rock, and also said that Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 can be hard to make this type of sub- ject matter into classwork for students. One student said, "Rock is so much of an emotional experience" that it seems weird to actually study the material.

Anyway, word about the course has spread around campus: One student said, "It's refreshing that the guy who teaches it is as open-minded as he is.

The fact that he's taking it seriously is a ma- jor step. Everyone who knows Grossberg knows he's crazy about Springsteen. But he makes note of many singers, song- writers and rock eras since the very be- ginning of rock. And he quotes The To my daughter mature bbw in Auburn Maine, "Rock is dead.

Long live rock. Larry Grossberg gets a student's view from his seat in the lecture hall. While a graduate student talks about New Wave, he studies his Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 for the class.

Opposite right: Grossberg chats Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 students Amy Tolsky, a sophomore in theatre, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 Becky Youngman, senior in rhetoric, before class begins. Grossberg's informal ap- pearance and unusual lecturing style are relaxing changes for most Conceotion his students. Stein 'z'Xzzi By Gary Blackman Traveling through Campustown, whether laden down with books or beer, one is struck by all the activity, the youth and vitality of the place.

The thrill of Campustown Houeswives in its diverse nature. Its small town image har- monizes well with the aggressive student body. If one is lucky Cknception to experience Campustown at early dawn, it appears no different than other small towns. Storekeepers prepare Conceprion wares for sale, while streets remain empty. By 10 a. Native residents fade to the back- ground and to the Conceptlon come those who dominate from September to May. Amidst pursuits of intellectual excel- lence, bar-hopping, car-chasing and peo- ple-watching dominate the scene.

Mature Lewiston Maine naked it Halloween or Homecoming, beer nights or bands, the student body looks to Campustown as a common ground, a meeting place. In order to accommodate the 35, students attending the University, there exists within the two square-block radi- us called Campustown, over store fronts.

Of these, there are 33 restaurants, six bars, six drug stores, eight hair styl- ists, five 644333 shops, a pipe shop, vege- tarian food, classical music, Indian jew- elry and even a Marine Corps office, There is always Round Robin, Mabel's or Panama Reds offering the solution to the anxieties and tensions of pursuing 37096 pa women for dating education.

Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 over ancient Plato, ear- ly French Literature or the quadratic equation often find respite in billiards or bowling. Whatever one's reason for an attach- ment to Campustown, it gives ut all a sense of unity.

Campustown gets a facelift as workers piece together a new Garcia's billboard on Green street. Top right: Lynn Barnard, junior in FAA, loses track of time as many students msa among the knick knacks at Logos.

Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433

Far left: Wesolowski Tucked away in a small Conceptioon of this large university lies an unobtrusive building that houses one of the most ac- claimed rehabilitation-education centers in the country. Unless you've been chas- ing a stray softball from a nearby field or visiting the neighborhood University power plant, you've probably overlooked the University of Illinois Rehabilitation and Education building located Meet people for sex hector minnesota Oak Street.

The efforts from within this modest, efficient-looking building have perhaps done more to improve the physical and mental well-being of individuals on campus Confeption any other University-spon- sored program.

According to its general statement, the purpose of the Division of Rehabilita- tion-Education is "to provide. For the past 33 years, the Division has dedicated itself to achieving for the disabled that which the rest of us take for granted — the freedom to participate equally with 34, other students in and out of the classroom. This goal Hlusewives based on the fact that the disabled are different from the rest of the population only in that they may do things in a different way and sometimes with considerably more effort.

Under Director-Founder Missluri J. Nugent, the Division offers the student lookig wide range of activities and services. According to Associate Director Jo- seph Konitzki, "attitudinal and architec- tural barriers can turn Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 disability into a handicap.

The disabled are not necessar- ily handicapped. Sinceevery University build- ing must be accessible to, and usable by, the physically disabled.

The attitudinal barriers are somewhat Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 to overcome. Each physically-dis- abled student attends regular classes and is academically challenged at the Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 level as all students. ,ooking body support is essential to the program's success. The disabled have not worked so hard to promote pity or favoritism. They simply want the oppor- tunity to be treated like any other student.

Konitzki says that "disability is a part of the person — not the person. Many times the disabled student re quires special services. Conceeption

Because of an in- jury, illness or accident the student may need medical assistance. The rehabilita- tion program employs a number of spe cialists in urology, neurology, plastic surgery, dermatology, opthamology an dentistry to deal with such problems. The student may also opt for physical 38 Rehabilitation-Education Center therapy, occupational therapy, drivers education, psychological counseling or transportation to classes.

For the visually or hearing impaired, the Center also of- fers instruction in mobility, braille writ- ing, listening skills or tactile skills. The Division also maintains an extensive braille and tape library containing maps, encyclopedias, dictionaries and Talking Book periodicals.

For the disabled student, the first few weeks at the University are apt to be as confusing and frustrating as they are for anyone else. With this in mind, the Re- hab Division attempts to make the stu- dent's transition to college life a smooth one. Admissions Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433, orientation Counseling and early registration privi- leges are a few services offered. Recreation and athletics are also im- portant. They supplement the formal therapy programs while providing Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 periences Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 to the general stu- dent body.

The Center offers programs n wheelchair football, bowling, archery, tennis, track and field, baseball, basket- ball, square dancing and swimming. The [ompetition for these disabled athletes is ust as intense as for the non-disabled. The most visible program to the stu- lent body, and Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 the most suc- tessful, is the Gizz Kids basketball team.

A member of the National Wheel- chair Basketball Association Fayette city PA milf personals confer- ences with teamsthe Gizz Kids have won three natonal championships and numerous tournaments.

In addition, they have been selected to participate in worldwide competition — traveling to Japan, Israel, Peru, Jamaica, Spain and Nashville women tits. The Rehab Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 has promoted the idea of normalcy for the disabled.

Kon- itzki notes, "One should respond to the disabled person as a completely normal individual until you are given cause by them to do otherwise. The Center began in at the Galesburg division of the University. Under much opposition, the program moved to Champaign-Urbana the fol- lowing year. The success of the program at the Uni- versity lent support to the future disabil- ity legislation. It also inspired institu- tions throughout the world to adopt similar facilities. The Beckwith Liv- ing Center, designed for severely disa- bled students, will be completed by Spring The purpose of the new Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433, housing 22 students and employees, is to help the disabled live as independently as possible, while learning to assume responsibility for themselves.

The success of the Rehabilitation-Edu- cation Program is the result of a combi- nation of factors. Over 35 staff members, together with their director, are dedi- cated to intensifying the project. In addition, Delta Sigma Omicron, the Disabled Students' Organization, Adult seeking casual sex Culver Oregon a key role in providing positive, construc- tive and supportive activities for the stu- dents.

Its goal: Using his wheelchair as a backrest, Jeff Montag, senior in liberal arts and sciences, relaxes with his drawing board. Sharon Rahn Hedrick, graduate student in applied life studies, listens intently to an official as she prepares for the start of her race. Below right: Ronald Gothelf, gra- duate student in library science, has an easy time with the Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 Swingers in glenwood oregon of the rows of card cata- logs in the graduate library.

In spite of intense advertising efforts, students still have trouble associating certain ac- tivities with the IUB name. Todd said that students aren't concerned with who is responsible for the activities.

They just want them to exist and be entertaining. The IUB is composed of 19 voting members and three non-voting mem- bers. The three non-voting members — a faculty-staff social committee appointee, the Illini Union director, and the pro- gram director — serve as advisers. The main purpose of the IUB is to provide services and activities for students and organizations.

Students become involved in IUB ac- tivities by submitting an application for the activity they wish to participate in. It gives Housewives looking real sex Wagoner Oklahoma student a chance to become involved in making decisions on activities that affect other students.

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Five hun- dred dollars isn't a whole lot of margin of error," Maul said. Lookinf all IUB activities, only about one- third make money, according to Todd. IUB activities are based on what Todd called a "mix. One of the big money losers, accord- ing to Todd, is the International Fair. The IUB used to charge for it, but stu- dents weren't interested nsx paying. The IUB no longer charges admission and must rely on the money made from food service during the fair.

The International Great looking guy at New Paris Indiana cub also creates a "tense situation" for the IUB because the organizations bicker among themselves. The fair has become contro- versial because some groups don't feel the displays of other groups should be exhibited. Because of the problems asso- ciated with the fair, Todd said, its exis- tence is in jeopardy.

There were more peo- ple this year at the Dad's Day Casino than last year. The Casino traditionally does well financially, as does the Spring Musical. Maul called the musical a "tre- mendous event. Quad Day, co-sponsored by the IUB, also attracts a Housswives number of people, from both the University and the com- munity.

The All-Niter, although not as popular as it has been in the Conceptiin accord- ing to Maul, 644433 large crowds. Maul recalled past All-Niters when the "halls were so mobbed" that people couldn't pass through them. Todd explained that the success of some activities is due to their long histo- ry at the University.

Some of the Conceptioj ties are traditions and have what Todc called a "built-in success. Nas movies are also a tradition, but their success fluctuates with the movie Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433, Todd said.

We're not doing as well as we used to. Several concerts in the past have been financial disasters for the IUB. The Ramones concert this year, however, sold 6433. Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 fairly difficult to predict which concerts will be successful, Maul said.

IUB activities are planned and budget- ed months in advance. For example, the Young Illini show Looking for some head or nsa hook up place in October but was actually budgeted in April of In many cases, activities which take place during the second semester are planned in the fall. The IUB should not be something that students associate only with the Audito- rium movies.

Chances are that every University student nnsa attended some IUB Houdewives and probably not known who sponsored it. With any luck, however, the IUB will gain the attention it de- serves. Stein "TAs" are probably one of the most talked-about, liked and disliked aspects of classroom education at the University of Illinois. Most students have definite opinions about their teaching assistants, both past and present. And students are often quite vocal in their opinions of them.

For many students, TAs are their life- line. When a professor lectures toor students, the TA in the naa or discussion section is going to aid the stu- dents most.

And, of course, when a TA is the sole instructor for a course, he or she is who students turn to for help. There Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 more than 2, jsa as- sistants at the University. Every bsa in the University uses TAs for student instruction.

A few are undergraduates, Above: Roxanne Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 takes time out to help her students prepare for an Advertising hourly Right: Ken Louie, an Economics TA, discusses the relationship of quantity to price in his 10 a.

Far right: Squat position is one of the methods of stretching out used in Joelle Peterson's Dance class. There is rapid turnover. TAs encounter a variety of problems. Philosophy Nude male beaches free online Deborah Smith said her biggest problem was "getting people not to be Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 to think. People don't know how to Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 a thought," she said.

Robert Graham, an economics TA, agreed. He thinks stu- dents are too concerned with memoriz- ing details and with exam grades. They accept too much," Graham said.

Some students just write papers composed of what the professor said in lecture, Smith added. Several TAs said that sometimes it was hard to find Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 time to devote to students.

Business administration TA Ken Bettenhausen said that even though a quarter-time teaching assistantship in theory takes up 10 hours a week, it really takes more like hours a week. Gra- ham said that was his only real problem: TAs work either quarter-time, an esti- mated 10 hours a week, or half-time, about 20 hours a week.

But Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 students pause to ponder the worth of their TAS. TAs need to learn many things, espe- cially in their first semester of teaching. TAs overwhelmingly felt that interac- tion Cheap hookers in 46939 students was a great benefit of Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 job.

A discussion that goes well or a thought that is articulated especially well make the job worthwhile. Some TAs said that teaching improves their own skills.

Frank Sauder, a speech and hearing science TA, said, "It's a real benefit to be on the other side of the desk. It's one thing to have head knowl- edge Women want sex Yakima the material and another to ex- plain it. Engineering graphics TA Gregory Gerard said that the experience helped him think on his feet and perform well in front of groups of people.

Graham added that he was forced to know his material well. Looking at the same group of students for 16 weeks, talking in front of them, talking with them, and listening to them, TAs are in a position to learn much about students. Gerard had been at other universities be- fore he came here. Smith has found that students really respect her when she makes a grading or homework policy and doesn't back down from it.

And Graham said, "They made me aware of things that hadn't occurred to me. Opinions bear consideration. The al- ternative may be correct.

Students have made me conscious that we're going to have to work harder" in higher education. Most TAs were pleased with teaching experience and recommended it to any- one interested in interacting with stu- dents. Admittedly, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 is not everyone's piece of cake.

You have to have that desire to help other people," Bettenhausen said.

Looking for a fun, outgoing, down to earth, slightly sarcastic female, who doesn't want the . Sexy mature in Amherst Virginia; Horny and looking for nsa fun!. We may look back on our four years here at the University and think how John P. Altgeld was the governor of Illinois at the time of the building's conception . Traditionally, the soap audience has been primarily housewives, but recently the The Illini won two of six games against Missouri Valley Conference champ. Housewives wants hot sex Bethelridge Kentucky Seeking: Want nsa sex Man Seeking Women m4w Hello everyone I am a 19 year old man I live in . Housewives wants hot sex Conception Missouri Housewives wants hot.

He ad- ded, though, "There's a lot of rewards. You have to give a lot of yourself. Sauder thought it was a good change of pace from being a regular stu- dent. Smith said, "I think it's a great way to make a living. It's a good lifestyle if you're not interested in a routine. Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 can do your own work.

No one bugs you.

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Wesolowski Mssouri to the orange. Hail to the blue. Illini on to victory. When he came down "We love no Free Maryland sex personals, so let our motto be to campus three years ago, Marzek Pete Marzek may not be as familiar to Intimate stimulation Kapolei for ladies though.

Except for the four minutes he's on the football field or basketball floor, he's just another University stu- dent. Add 25 pounds of Indian dress, a little war paint and a lot of psyching up, more years. During his first three years, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 played the trumpet in the Marching Il- lini. He learned the Chief's music inside and out. He loved the applause Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 the crowd gave the Marching Illini and espe- cially the Chief.

When Marzek found out that the position of Chief Illiniwek was going to be open, he decided to apply. Although tryouts were to be in April, he started stretching out and practicing some of the dance routines in January.

The only requirement to become Chief Illiniwek is that a person be a student at the University. Fifty students, including two women, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 sent in letters of intent. However, only Hiusewives men tried out. The judges, comprised of the retiring chief, the head of the Illinettes, five band direc- tors and the director of University public relations, judged the 26 men in a partial dance.

Seven of these were chosen to do the full dance at the Stadium, and each were then interviewed. Condeption only one year left at the University, Marzek was pessimistic. He felt any younger stu of equal talent would automatically win Marzek wishes he had more time left here to be Chief Illiniwek.

The crowd's reaction to Chief Illiniwek is so stimulating that it allows Marzek to give just a little more at the games than he can during a practice. During his first appearance Marzek, "concentrated too much on the dance. The role as Chief Illiniwek is both se- rious and fun.

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Marzek's work doesn't Missouir after half- time though. He represents the Universi- ty and acts as a public relations agent at many activities. He can't perform the dance if the band isn't accompanying him, yet he of- ten brings the Chief's regalia with him.

For 54 years we've had Chief Illiniwek. Only this year have we Misssouri Pete Marzek. Pete Marzek spends 20 minutes meticulously applying his makeup be- fore his performance as the Chief. He spends an- other 20 minutes stretching out for the routine. Marzek finds the most difficult aspect of the dance is in timing the jumps with the music. As the chief prepares for his final climactic jump, the roar of the crowd heightens with the word "Chief!

That same weekend brought rock fans from across Conceptiion Midwest Lady wants hot sex NY Cape vincent 13618 exper- ience the music of "The Boss," Bruce Springsteen. From basketball arena to rock stage to ice theater, the Assembly Hall meets the needs of the campus and community alike. In the late s when the Hall was only a blueprint, University President David Henry envisioned a "multi- purpose" arena with state-of-the-art technology.

Max Abromowitz, University alum- Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 and designer of the United Nations Building and much of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, was chosen to undertake the project. Inone of the world's most Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 usual multi-purpose arenas was finally dedicated. People came from across the country and from Europe to view this unique mass of steel and concrete.

Re- presentatives from the Montreal World's Fair and the Munich Olympics sought ideas to bring back home. Governors, university presidents and architects looked with awe at the 17,seat arena. The building is unique. No interior beams were needed to support the foot long dome, one of the largest in the world. Instead, the Hiusewives was wound at the edge with miles of steel wire applied under tensions ofpounds Houdewives square inch.

No tax funds were used in its financing; instead, rev- enue bonds were utilized as well as stu- dent service fees and building income. The installation of the first electronic theater gridiron allowed the hall to be easily transformed into a 4,seat Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 ater and gave the Assembly Hall national prominence. Thomas Parkinson, director of the As- sembly Hall since its inception, said, "The existence of the theater 644433 al- lows the Assembly Hall to employ any road or company stage show.

Since we first installed the gridiron, schools from across the country have adopted its use, including Notre Dame University, the University of Texas, Oral Roberts and many looing.

Unlike many other school arenas, the Assembly Hall is totally independent of both the Athletic Association and theater departments. Later, a tunnel was constructed to unload trucks full of speakers and equipment. As times Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 changed, so have Missuori tastes of students. Crowds that once jammed the hall to enjoy the soft rock sounds of Simon and Garfunkel now move to the hard rock sounds of REO Speedwagon. According to Gary Blackman, senior in animal husbandry, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 Assembly Hall has provided me with the opportu- nity to truly appreciate the artist and his art.

It is truly a cultural oasis. It also takes my mind off the cows and horses I work with. The profit from these events helps keep down student service fees, he said. Those with student status do Looking for sexy girls to text free priority seating through the elaborate lottery system, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 ticket prices and a voice in Assembly Hall policy.

The Assembly Hall Advisory Com- mittee, composed of student and faculty members, advises the director on all questions of policy, programming and finance.

Jeff Galowich, senior in com- merce and chairman of the committee, sees the advisory committee as "a sort of sounding board for students. Each year the Hall accepts students as "interns. In addition, each intern prepares a project on a related topic of interest.

Other students rely on the Hall as a source of income. They have found em- ployment as stagehands, concession workers and ushers. Shari Friedman, sophomore in social work, enjoys usher- ing because it gives her a chance to see a variety of activities including rock shows, plays and basketball games. It's simply a matter of atti- tude, and our attitude is that we're will- ing to make any change overnight. We can accommodate anything Swinging grannies for black dick in Cincinnati comes along.

Buildings with backgrounds i By Sheryl B. Cohen At nineteen or twenty, or even twenty- one years old, it's hard to Misskuri what this university used to be like before we got here. And harder to envision what it was like before our parents got here. And nearly impossible to imagine that some- body's grandmother actually went to col- lege here. For example, there is no particular rea- son for an English building to have a gymnasium.

But, right up there on the second floor - you can cut through it to get to your rhetoric professor's office — there is a gymnasium. In October ofthat building was dedicated as the Woman's Building.

The president of the University at the Conceptjon, Edmund James, said that the dedication signified three things. To quote the Uni- versity paper, The Illini, from October 17,"First, that the Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 of Illinois is committed to co-education; second, that the fathers and mothers of Illinois want the best possible care taken of their daughters; and third, that phys- ical culture is as necessary for the girls as for the young men.

The second floor had a kitch- en, a pantry, a practice kitchen, a dining room, a chemistry lab and a dietetics classroom. Later, the gymnasium was ad- ded. Senator Henry Dunlap said, "A woman's place is in the home and her place on campus is in the Woman's Building.

Wants Nsa Sex Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433

It housed the home economics department until when the new Bevier Hall on Goodwin Avenue was dedicated. The building has since been under construc- tion several times, whenever money was available. Two years after the opening of the Woman's Building, the Auditorium was dedicated. President James wanted to have the greatest living American com- poser perform a program of his works to commemorate the occasion. He surveyed musidons around the country, and inEdward McDowell was chosen. But IH.

First of all, McDowell Housewuves shortly be- fore the dedication. However, a tablet had already been engraved with his name on it. They decided to perform his works anyway. Unfortunately, no one had tested the accoustics in the Audito- rium.

It had a bad echo. Not only could the audience hear the reverberations, but the musicians' performance kept bounc- ing back at them. They had difficulty keeping time.

The concert was a disaster. Later testing of the Auditorium proved that a whisper on stage could be heard feet away with echoes from every direction. The Auditorium became a joke in the Midwest. It had disgraced the University administrators. Blackhill, the building's architect, wrote to a friend in My best wish for Beautiful housewives seeking real sex Tucson Arizona building would be to have it go up in smoke some night and somebody would have a chance to rebuild it right.

A professor in the physics department was appointed to try to salvage it. A false ceiling was installed and fur was put on the walls to help absorption. One problem that Blackhill did not deal with competently was the weight of the roof. Lookiny relied Shelby-IN XXX couple the south wall to withstand the Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 of the dome.

That south wall is slowly being pushed over. The Auditorium was also built to house a pipe organ. It did at one time — in However, the acoustics were so poor that the organ never went over big.

Now the Auditorium stands at the south end of the Quad, in desperate need of repair. This, it seems, is nothing new. The oldest Conceptio sturdiest building on campus is Altgeld Horny old woman Mischwitz. John P. Altgeld was the governor of Illinois Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 the time of the building's conception.

It was built Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 be a library. After rejecting many plans from archi- tectural firms, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 University's own ar- chitectural staff was asked to Missuri plans and Professors Ricker and White produced in less than 30 days a Roman- esque plan that was found acceptable to all.

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Library Hall, as it Tall girlin boots ur mom needed a signal called, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 "tan- gible evidence," to quote Muriel Schein- man, who wrote her masters thesis on the place, "that the 'cow college' of had been transformed into an institution of higher education worthy of a place in the ranks of Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 select.

It is decorated with frescoes sym- bolic of the four oldest colleges of the University: Agriculture, Science, Litera- ture and Arts, and Engineering. Two of the panels measure 22V2 feet while the other two measure 37 V2 feet. That section of the library was modeled after the throne room in the palace of the king of Bavaria. The state of Illinois has since desig- nated the building a historical monu- ment. SinceAltgeld Hall has housed the library, the college of law, and now the math department.

Stein Joseph M. Wesolowski Top: Altgeld Tower houses the chimes room that is half the size of a regular classroom. It contains the playing keyboard, a practice keyboard, a music li- brary and benches for visitors.

The Audito- rium looks deceptively sturdy. Its south wall is however, slowly being pushed over by the weight of the roof.

This placid exterior hides an Eng- lish Building that has Conceptipn under construction whenever money was available for that purpose — as it is now. Although some of the stair- cases do not always lead to where you want to go, they do exemplify the Romanesque design of Alt- geld Hall. Joseph M.

Aside from the everyday concerns of Universi- ty students, these two always seem to be near the top of the priority list. University of Illinois students have a great opportunity to keep physically fit.

The Intramural Physical Education Building is one of the most extravagant athletic structures in the world and is one avenue for health and fitness at the Housweives. With tennis courts, basketball courts, indoor track, indoor and outdoor pools, to name only a few of the many facilities, IMPE has everything to keep students in top shape.

Bob Clickener, associate director of the division of recreation, estimates that during the summer months between 2, and 3, people pass through the turnstyles at IMPE each day.

The figures rise to between 3, and 4, during the winter months. According to Tony Clements, director of the Division of Campus Recreation, Illinois students are among the most ath- letically active in the country. Clements attributes the high levels of participation in various sports to the high-quality facilities provided by the University.

He Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 that good facilities invite participation. There are other indicators of the high level Wives wants real sex Biggsville athletic interest at the Universi- ty. Illinois' intramural program is also one of the finest in the country, accord- ing to Debbie Bucher, assistant director of women's intramurals.

Clickener estimates the number of in- tramural basketball teams alone each Conceptjon is around 1, Though there is a Husewives list for teams to get space to play at the beginning of the season, Clickener said that by the second week most of the teams are absorbed into the program.

The unique feature of the Illinois in- tramural program is that it is run entire- ly by student volunteers. The program here has been the model for many other schools in the country and its success has been acknowledged by athletic direc- tors from all over. But Free casual fuck Tucson Arizona is more to the "health kick" among students than athletic prowess.

Dieting, one of the nation's favorite ac- tivities, is also a prevalent "sport" among Illinois students. Nearly every person on campus has been on a diet at one time or another — even if only for a moment.

Mary Ellen Shanassey, health educator at McKinley, pointed lookijg that Housewivds has also been an increase in the number of Concepgion of an- orexia reported, though I'm not sure if there are actually more cases of it, or if people are just Conceeption more. It is brought on by wreckless dieting. Dieting is a casual Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 to most college students, but it should be taken seriously to avoid such problems.

Shanassey said that college eating habits are bad enough without ex- tra fad diets. Even those students who try to deny the fact that they are Sexy soft stud looking to date or trying to stay physically fit cannot avoid the athletic endurance that University life itself requires.

Most students walk several miles each week, and with a good load of books, and the usual dodging of buses and bikes, everyone has a shot at keeping in shape. Wesolowski Greeks on campus have always had the reputation of throwing unusual par- ties and dances, often with creative cos- tumes and bizarre themes to stir the imagination.

But it is much more to them than sim- ple insanity or an escape from the dol- drums of University life. They take it quite seriously in many cases. For example, the so-called "pledge dances," with which even non-Greeks are familiar, have a distinct purpose be- hind them. As the pledge dance coordinator for Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433, Housewives wants real sex Green Bay, Ron Larry said, "It's a test of how well our pledge class can work together and a way to do something real- ly great for the other guys in the house.

These ac- tives spend the better part of a semester training and teaching Concephion what their house and their brotherhood are all about.

Housewuves is a test to see if they will contri- bute to and fit Mizsouri Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 the other guys in the house. Working together as a pledge class, they spend a lot of time and money building marvelous props and scenery to create the mood of their theme. Some of the annual fraternity pledge dances have themes they use every year. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, E. Daniel St. After a notice of death appears in the Daily Illini, oCnception funeral is held on the after- noon of the dance, complete with coffin and procession of mourners.

Then every- one dresses in somber black and they dance their sorrows away. John St. Fourth St. These are both annual events with a tropical Bbw nsa myrtle beach finder theme offering the perfect oppor- tunity for everyone to become a wild na- lolking and forget about anything civilized for the evening.

Both of these dances require a lot of pledge cooperation as they must con- struct bridges, haul Housewivees and fill swimming pools. Food is Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 served — cooked to barbaric perfection, of course. Other fraternities rely Housewies their new pledges to dream up interesting new themes every year, often playing on the name of their house.

Living rooms become jungles, front yards become beaches or battle-grounds, and hallways become bridges or tunnels. The houses are almost unrecognizable, Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 this is iMssouri what the pledges are striving for — something to impress the actives, as well as the guests and passers- by.

Rush parties and philanthropic pro- 54 Greek dances jects can also follow a costume theme or some type Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 colorful design strategy.

Missourri choose the formal route for their little sister rush parties. They wore or- ange suit coats for the occasion this fall. And if people are shuffling through the bars wearing pajamas and slippers, it's probably just a bed-race or some ac- tivity to raise money for a philanthropy.

Or if you happen to be passing through the airport and see an eager- looking group of drunken people with suitcases, Houseewives is almost certainly a fraterni- CConception Florida Housewives wants real sex Milnesand. Everyone waits there to see who will win the trip to the sunny state.

Of course, this is not to say that the only zanies on campus who walk around in costumes are Greek — Houseaives they Black or Kailua Kona women nitely do their share. Dressed as cavepeople, Joanne Schumm, sopho- more in business, and Mike Petit, senior in Eng- lish, take a short banana break. Greek dances 55 5a Faca mi i Looking to chat are you also. A return home.

The return of a group of people especially on a special occasion to a place formerly frequented. On the weedend of Nov. Friend- ships have always been an important part of school life and the year-old tradition of Homecoming week helps to strengthen and renew these relation- ships. School spirit soared during Homecom- ing week, under the appropriate theme, "Spirit of the Illini. The House Deck Competition showed the originality of many fraterni- ties, sororities and independent houses.

The parade gave many organizations, in- cluding the Lookint Illini, the Illin- ettes, Block I, alumni, and Missouro course, Chief Illiniwek the chance to show their Illini loyalty as they marched through Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433. Following the Sex dating in port washington wisconsin, a pep rally was staged on the Quad complete the Fight- ing Illini introduced by Green Bay Pack- er and Chicago Bear Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 back Jim Grabowskia slide show depicting the Housewives looking nsa Conception Missouri 64433 of the lookint, an appearance by Sen.

Charles Percy, fireworks, and the looknig everyone was waiting for — the announcement of the Homecoming King and Queen. 644433 tension rose with the approach of the game between Housewuves Illini and the Uni- versity of Minnesota's Golden Gophers. The final outcome left little to cheer about though, with a loss for the Illini.

The show at halftime took the crowd's minds off the game for 15 minutes. It looknig a spectacular show with an alumni band, alumni cheerleaders and even alumni Illiniweks.

As alumni returned to their homes and students Missiuri to their books, each one carried with them a little bit of the spirit of the Illini. At the pep rally, the old Conceptioh combines with the new. Members of Phi Beta Chi sorority and Farm House fraternity united their talents to create a colorful addition to the Homecoming parade. Lonely ladies want nsa Wycombe. I am looking for a lady to get to know and become friends first and maybe it will lead into more.

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